10th European Sociological Association conference

Date: Saturday 10th September 2011

10th European Sociological Association conference

Social Relations in Turbulent Times

7th to 10th September 2011

University of Geneva

The Conference will be organized by the Department of Sociology at the University of Geneva (www.unige.ch/ses/socio). Geneva offers prestigious galleries, alternative exhibitions, underground art, gourmet restaurants and much more: from the Museum of the Reformation to the Patek Philippe Museum, from the Ariana to the Martin Bodmer Foundation, more than forty public, private and exclusive sites tell the tale of Geneva’s passion for ethnography, the fine arts, archaeology, the natural sciences, watch-making, physic and technology.

Geneva is the host to humanitarian and international organizations. Geneva is thehost to humanitarian and international organisations. It is a global city where distinguished scientific and technological communities meet to share knowledge and to enjoy the excellent infrastructure and world class communication facilities found in the largest metropolitan areas.

Preliminary information regarding the program of the conference, deadlines for paper proposals and registration, as well as accommodation and social activities and events will soon be made available at the Conference website www.esa10thconference.com.

Theme of the conference

Economical and social crisis in these turbulent times challenge sociological skills and our imagination. Since its beginnings as a scientific discipline sociology seeks answers to several social issues in very different historical  contexts. In unstable moments like the ones we are living in, research agendas are usually redefined, theories are often confronted with new ideas and obliged to change. On the other hand, social inequalities tend to be deepened and social cohesion threatened.

Sociological gatherings like Conferences serve to test our capacities and conceptual resources to understand and explain these societal trends. We invite scholars from all over the world to join us in Genève and to debate their work and their findings.

Important dates

Call for abstracts will be open on the 10th of January 2011 and closed on the 25th February 2011.

Other deadlines to be announced at www.esa10thconference.com

Conference venue

Uni-Mail – University of Geneva

40. Bd. du Pont d’Arve

1204 Geneva



Conference secretariat

Laure Kaeser

Department of Sociology

Uni-Mail – University of Geneva

40. Bd. du Pont d’Arve

1204 Geneva Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)22 379 88 85


Logistic of the Conference

MCI Suisse SA

75 Rue de Lyon

P.O. Box 500

CH - 1211 Geneva 13


Phone: +41 22 33 99 667

Fax: +41 22 33 99 601


Scientific Pre-Program

Plenary Sessions

  • Social Europe under pressure
  • Life trajectories in turbulent times
  • The future  of capitalism


  • Work, management, the professions and public policy
  • Gender, families, emotions  and intimate relations
  • Migration, ethnic and religious relations
  • Health, welfare  and education
  • Economic and class relations
  • Childhood, old age and intergenerational relations
  • Culture, arts and sport
  • Politics, sport and the regions  of Europe
  • Biographies, sexualities and everyday life
  • Risk and the environment
  • Media and consumption
  • Science, theory and method Welcome message

Chair of the Scientific Committee

Bill Hughes (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Management of the Local Organizing Committee

Sandro Cattacin (University of Geneva)

Laure Kaeser (University of Geneva)

European Sociological Association

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