About us

The Cyprus Sociological Association was founded in Nicosia in November 1996.

The Goals of the Association are:

  1. To contribute towards the spread sociological thought in the Cypriot Society
  2. The education / training of the members of the Association, as well as the promotion of their usefulness to the benefit of society
  3. The safeguarding of the sociological profession of the sociologist and the promotion of the professional engagement of the members
  4. The cooperation with research centers, tertiary education institutions and other bodies in matters of sociological interest

Means of achieving these goals:

  • Organizing of and participating in conferences, seminars, symposia and lectures.
  • Promoting of issues and problems of social interest trough the Mass Media.
  • Following developments regarding international social issues and participating in international conferences and associations.
  • Contributing to the founding and function of research centers, whose research concerns are of a sociological interest.
  • The establishment of the Association’s Library
  • The publication or / and participation in publications of sociological interest
  • The cooperation with other Sociological associations abroad, as well as with relates to the profession services and institutions that can serve the goals of the association in any way


Cyprus Sociological Association is a member of ISA-International Sociological Association.

On the 28th of August 2007 a collaboration agreement was signed between Cyprus and Italian Sociological Associations


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